What differentiates us from our competition is our unmatched quality in design, hand craftsmanship, and finishing. All of which are done with a commitment to the techniques, tools, and products used in the 19th century. Not only does this give our bats a distinctive look, but the performance is exemplary. Detroit Bat Co. bats are just as at home above the mantle as they are on the game field. We take a hands on approach when taking orders from clients, making sure we produce a bat far exceeding their expectations. Custom knobs, historic stains, engraving by hand, these are but a few of the benefits DBC offers that you will not find with other manufacturers. Combine these traits with an alliance with The Henry Ford? That’s a partnership that could rewrite history.

  • Bats are designed, constructed, and finished in Michigan
  • The entire operation is two guys, working in a shop, making bats the old fashioned way
  • No computer guided lathe, no sweatshop of employees, and no harm to our environment through the use of potent modern finishes and stains. Bee’s wax, walnuts, linseed oil, tung oil- they are what our bat making ancestors responsibly harvested from their land and we carry on this tradition today at DBC

Adam Stonewall Gorring

Adam Gorring
Adam Gorring has been playing baseball ever since he could hold a bat. As a lover of history, competition, and tradition of the game of nines, he’s been playing vintage baseball as a star outfielder for the Greenfield Village Lah-De-Dahs. On the diamond he’s known for his crushing homeruns and steady hands. Adam recently graduated from the University of Michigan with a concentration in Woodworking and Carpentry. He couples a keen eye for discerning superb wood blanks with a meticulous approach to crafting some of the finest bats you’ll ever swing. Adam has been making bats for some time now, and his products always draw attention due to their quality.

Nick Soapdish Moroz

Nick Moroz
Nick Moroz has been playing hardball all of his life. Nick has always prides himself as an all-around player, but hitting is what really makes him grin. He began playing vintage baseball with the Greenfield Lah-De-Dahs back in 2005 and has been patroling the outfield and hitting gap shots for extra bases every season. Upset with the quality of vintage bats available, he joined forces with Adam to create lumber that truly honors the game. As an accomplished machinist, engineer, and active modern hardball player, Nick brings creative elements of manufacturing to the table while holding dear to the traditional methods of bat-making.