Two guys, in a shop, making bats the old fashioned way. It’s the way Detroit Bat Co. was founded and it’s how we remain: a woodworker and a machinist collaborating to turn out the finest quality vintage bats.

The catalyst for Detroit Bat Co. is found deep in the history of America’s oldest and most loved game: Base Ball. A time when the name of the game was still two words. In the early 1860’s, when competition was as much about moral attributes as it was physical superiority, clubs of nine would make their way to the ball grounds to stake claim to the American game of Base Ball—an originality as an American institution*. Detroit Bat Co. is of this same stock.

Detroit Bat Company was created by master craftsmen and avid ballplayers Adam “Stonewall” Gorring and Nick “Soapdish” Moroz to offer a new level of craftsmanship and quality for handmade vintage and modern baseball equipment. Our company focuses on creating custom vintage and modern bats that look, feel, and perform to the highest specifications. We carry on the goal of exemplifying the beauties of the game through the goods we make right here in our home town. A-Grade ash, maple, and birch are the backbone of our operation. Our lumber is felled in Michigan, milled in Michigan, and spun into the striking implements that have made our name renowned. Each bat is distinctive, with its own feel, personality, and style. Bearing the marks of the maker, there is no question that our hands constructed each and every Detroit Bat Co. product.

Our unmatched quality in design, hand craftsmanship, and finishing differentiates us from other so-called bat makers. Committed to the techniques, tools, and products used in the 19th century, our pieces have a look, and performance, that is unmatched. We have a hands-on approach when taking orders from our clients, making sure we produce a bat that exceeds their expectations. Historic stains, custom knobs, engraving by hand, these are but a few of the benefits we offer that cannot be found with other manufacturers. Detroit Bat Co. pieces are as at home on the game field as they are above the mantle. They are made to be proud of.

At Detroit Bat Co. it’s about being gentlemen. As such, we conduct ourselves with the utmost comportment on and off the field with goods intended to stand the test of time. Our bats make our names on the field, but our fashion makes our statement on the street. Vintage Base Ball bats, bags, cuff links, hats and attire are all part of the distinctive mark that is D.B.C. Handcrafted goods of the highest quality; it’s all we know at Detroit Bat Co.

* Passage from Haney’s Base Ball Book of Reference, Applewood Books, October 2004

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